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Since 1987, Access Commercial Door has been a premier, factory-direct supplier of commercial door and hardware in the Tri-State Area.

Our highly skilled and seasoned architectural sales department can help you with your next project. We pay close attention to every project to ensure that they stay on schedule and on budget. 

Access Commercial Door proudly serves leading construction companies and end users in the Energy, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Security and Commercial Office Space Industries.

Services include: 

  • Hardware pre-installed on doors:
    Looking to save cost on labor in the field? Why not have the hardware pre-installed by our shop, you’ll save time & money. Our shop is fcapable of installing finish hardware on your doors quickly and correctly because they deal with a variety of hardware applications daily. Proper hardware installation reduces troubleshooting in the future.

  • Field Installation:
    Field installation is available as well on doors/frame/hardware, automatic door operators, glass and more. 

  • Locksmith services, master key programs, troubleshooting and more. 

  • We also work with many security control companies by connecting their systems to the doors and locks they control. 

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